Overall Rules of Aromellon The Overall Rules of Aromellon, IE: Most Important

Overall RulesThese are our main and most important rules for the Kinship

1.) We believe that gaming should be fun and relaxed while remaining mature and respectful. The Voluntary Assistant Chiefs and members of Aromellon feel that each individual deserves to have a fun and exciting gaming atmosphere free from personal attacks, abusive language, or any other type of harassment. Although we believe that each player has the right to voice their opinion, that right does not and can not override the rights of other players to have a safe and satisfying gaming experience.

2.) Members shall not verbally attack any other Aromellon member, Voluntary Assistant Chief, or the Chief. Disagreements are a part of every MMORPG but members will remain mature and respectful at all times. If a disagreement occurs, it should only be discussed in private messages and if it still cannot be solved brought to the Chief of Aromellon. No arguing, bickering, flaming, other types of verbally hostile, or abusive conversations are allowed on any Aromellon chat channels and website.

3.) NO offensive racial, religious, sexist remarks, taunts, or slurs towards anyone.

4.) Recruits, kinsmen, kinswomen, and Voluntary Assistant Chiefs shall not conduct “real-world currency” buying, selling or trading of any LOTRO in-game characters, gold or items.

5.) Recruits, Kinsmen / Kinswomen, and Voluntary Assistant Chiefs should always conduct themselves with maturity and respect and shall not scam, spam, hack, trick or cheat other members of Aromellon or any one else in LOTRO.

6.) The Kinship comes before any one else. We work as a team in every situation that presents itself. From helping with crafting materials to getting a certain quest / book quest done you can always rely on your fellow kin to get the job done. So don't be afraid to ask!

7.) We generally practice 'Pay it Forward'. This means we share resources, crafted items, loot, and help members level without expecting anything in return. What is good about this practice is that even though you may not get any financial return on your service or deed, you do get the sense of satisfaction from helping your Kinmates succeed and form close bonds. More importantly, you also are assured that the next time you need something crafted or quest help, that someone will always be there to give it to you.

8.) Items taken from the kinship chests or kin bank alt are not to be sold on the auction house. Picking up an item and selling it for personal gain may be considered stealing from the kinship.

9.) Periodically, The Chief will sweep the kinship housing chests and all items not used (with the exception of dyes which are kept for kin use) will be sold. The money is sent to Aromellon Bank Character for house upkeep, assisting members in need, decorations, high end crafting ingredients (Beryl Shards, Adamant Shards, Flakes etc.), and funding events.

Kinship Bank We have lots of important Items for you all here, some are class quest items, crafting, and gear.

The Chief has made an alt used to store items that are more valuable. Members can request these items at anytime. There is a list of items that can be found by (Clicking Here). Please note that there can be some delay in updating. Only Voluntary Assistant Chiefs and Kinsmen / Kinswomen may request items from the Bank by contacting the Chief in a private tell on game, pm on the forum, or mail on game. Voluntary Assistant Chiefs and Kinsmen / Kinswomen are encouraged to donate items (specifically crafting materials, level 45 class quest items, crafting tools, reputation items and single use recipes) to the Kinship Bank Alt.

Alts So are you an Altaholic and have many many Alts?

Voluntary Assistant Chiefs, Kinsmen / Kinswomen as well as Recruits are permitted to add as many alts to the Kinship as they like. However, you will need to update your player note with the name of your main or other identifying name so we can keep track of who is who.

Regarding Leaving the KinshipAww! So you want to leave Aromellon?

Sometimes people may wish to change kinships for one reason or another. Before making a rash decision, please talk over your discontent with the Chief to see if she can help resolve your issues. Afterward, if you still feel we are not meeting your needs or expectations, and want to find another kinship that suits you better, we will wish you well on your journey, and hold no ill will. Please do not recruit other members to go with you to your new Kinship. Once you are ready to leave, please let the Chief or an Assistant Voluntary Chiefs know, if one is not online, send the Chief an in-game mail.