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Image SampleAromellon (Aro-mell-lawn: Taken from the sindarian word arod (noble) and the sindarian word mellon (friend)) is a kinship that is open to all classes, races, and players of all ages. We are a kinship that likes to enjoy all aspects of the game such as crafting, fishing, music playing and listening, kinship parties, kinship events, friendships, fellowships, instancing, skirmishing, raiding, and big battles. We all pride our selves on being helpful and assisting when ever we can, be it with gear, jewelry, food, health and power pots, or even weapons.

We welcome all types of players to the kinship, be it role player, casual, or raider. We want people who can have fun and get the most out of the game with lots of laughter and through friendships. One thing we ask of our members is to be respectful to other kinships, members of Aromellon, new and old members on game, Voluntary Assistant Chiefs of Aromellon, and the Founder / Chief.
 We encourage all our members to
HAVE RESPECT for the Lore that this game was created from. The Lore J.R.R. Tolkien created. Members are not required to be familiar with the Lore or know who Tolkien is, but everyone should make an effort NOT to disrupt the fascination and gaming experience of those who play for that reason.

Aromellon Kinship AffiliationSo are there any Kinships with the name you are Affiliated with?

Image SampleThere are only two Kinships we are affiliated with named Aromellon. Those Kinships are the founding Kinship of Aromellon on the Elendilmir Server and Vilya. We are NOT affiliated with any other Kinship with the words Arod or Mellon as well as similar or like names as ours.

Kinship Founding

Aromellon was found by Faelil, on March 3rd, 2009 on the Elendilmir Server.

On July 11th, 2011 Faelil has founded Aromellon on Vilya Server.

On May 6th,2014 Faelil has founded Aromellon on Crickhollow Server.

Kinship Video Please enjoy the Kinship Video!

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