Grouping Rules Rules we have for Instancing, Raiding, and Skirmishing.

Instancing, Raiding, and Skirmishing Preparing for an Instance, Raid, or Skirmish.

1.) Sign up on the appropriate thread when a raid, instance, or skirmish night is posted.  

2.) BE ON TIME! Don’t make others wait on you when you have expressed interest in instancing, raiding, or skirmishing.

3.) If an Instance, Raid, or Skirmish starts at 6:00, please be on game 15 minutes prior to the beginning of the Instance, Raid, or Skirmish. (Example of time: Be on at 5:45 for a 6:00 run) The Instance, Raid, or Skirmish leader will be sending invites at the 15 minute till marker. At that time you need to have the recommended traits slotted, potions, tokens, or other items, and have your gear fully repaired.

4.) If you show up late you will NOT be able to join the instance, this is because it is common courtesy to be on time to those who showed up on time.                                 (Unless it was for an emergency reason: funeral, hospital, sick child, etc.)

5.) If you cannot make instances, raids, or skirmish nights and you signed up, please inform an officer/leader 24 hours in advance. We understand emergencies happen but be considerate of your kin-mates. If you don't inform leadership of your absence within 24 hours of a scheduled instance, raid, or skirmish night you will be given a warning, the next time it happens you will not be able to sign up for 2 weeks.

6.) You should be familiar with your expected roles for your class, and should be traited properly prior to the instance, raid, or skirmish start time.

7.) During the Instance, Raid, or Skirmish all members are required to be on Raid Call for an ease of communication. It is important for everyone to listen carefully to the leaders of the group so that the Instance, Raid, or Skirmish can be taken down effectively.

8.) Follow directions and ask questions if you don't understand something on the instance, raid, or skirmish. Its much better to go into a fight properly understanding what is required. Knowing what is expected and what is required is the most important part of instancing, raiding, or skirmishing.

9.) Please No chatting in tells or Kinship chat while participating in an Instance, Raid, or Skirmish. We ask this because in that one second you are typing or looking away things can go very wrong and people can die. Please be considerate of others also in the group and limit chatting to the fellowship or voicing on Raid Call.

10.) Make sure Loot All is not on. To check this please hit the ESC key, then click options, next click UI Settings, finally scroll down until you see MISC section, make sure loot all is not checked.

11.) Listen to the Instance, Raid, Skirmish leaders instructions.

11.) Wait until  Instance, Raid, Skirmish leader calls a bio break before going afk unless urgent.

13.) If there is a wipe don't release unless told to by the Instance, Raid, Skirmish leader.

14.) Don't leave the group unless told to by the Instance, Raid, Skirmish leader.

15.) Get your favorite beverages chilled in the fridge, relax, and have fun! (which you will have if YOU follow these rules and turn up prepared!).

Items Lists Items that are required for all Instances, Raids, and Skirmishes.

These are some items you must bring with you at all times for all the instances, raids, and skirmishes we do. If you do not have these items, please don't hesitate to ask for the items. There are several people within the Kinship who can make them. We have several kinmates who have all KSM Crafts.

Items Needed:

5 Brilliant Edhelharn Tokens or Glorious Edhelharn Tokens or Luminous Edhelharn Tokens or Sparkling Edhelharn Tokens
5 Scroll of Warding Lore or Scroll of Improved Warding Lore
5 Scroll of Battle Lore or Scroll of Improved Battle Lore
10 Steeped Milkthistle Draught aka Poison Potions (bought from suppliers)
10 Steeped Conhuith Draught aka Fear Potions (bought from suppliers)
10 Steeped Lhinestad Draught aka Disease Potions (bought from suppliers)
10 Steeped Healing Draught aka Wound Potions (bought from suppliers)
10 Cup of Red Tea or Mushy Green Peas
10 Rack of Lamb with Mint Sauce or Lothlorien Waybread
20 Power Potions Infused Celebrant Salve, or Pure Celebrant Salve or greater
20 Morale Potions Infused Athelas Essence, or Pure Athelas Essence or greater

Kinship Looting The ways we handle Loot from Instancing and Raiding.

1.) We do not use the DPK system.

2.) A roll of 1 beats any roll of 99 and under, but a roll of 100 beats all.

3.) Sometimes items Aromellon may get some items in an Instance or Raid that are not asked for by any member attending, and they are Bind on Equip items. These items are held by the Kinship Housing Chests / Kinship Bank Alt until someone asks for them. Some times Kinship Bank items are sold 40 days of not using on the auction house to raise kinship funds.  A notification of what will be sold will be posted on the forums.

4.) Everyone will have a chance on something to win. Everyone who has won or owns a particular trophy from a certain Instance or Raid will not be able to roll for them again, unless everyone in the group has it or no one wants it.

5.) The first person to have rights to Teal / Gold BOA items will be the person in the with the correct class (if applicable). For example if an off hand dagger drops, and there are two hunters present, the hunters will roll for them and the highest roller gets them. If neither hunter wants it, then  the leader may either keep the item for kinship house or event funding, or award it to the person who would receive the greatest benefit from the item.

6.) In some circumstances, no player can receive more than one Class specific or BOE or BOA Teal / Gold item, and one boss specific (example: a Rift gem) per run.