Conduct and Discipline How we handle conflicting situations

Discipline How do we discipline and who can discipline

The Chief and all Voluntary Assistant Chiefs all have the authority to discipline, demote or remove any kinsman / kinswomen or recruit who conducts oneself in an undesired manner. Examples of undesired behavior include, but are not limited to, inciting internal strife within the kinship, noncooperation, not following the guidelines described in this article for how we want everyone to behave, selling of kin chest items, tarnishing the kinship's reputation and publicly slandering the kinship.

Complaints Is there a problem you cannot solve and need to complain? This is how.

Members are encouraged to settle issues on their own if it is a simple misunderstanding; however, if the attempt to do this has been unsuccessful, the Kinsperson is encouraged to contact the Chief or a Voluntary Assistant Chief to help settle the matter.

Procedure How we handle things

If a member is engaging in behavior that is not in line with the spirit of this kinship, the following procedure will take effect:

1st Offense: The Chief will inform you that behavior is undesired and refer to these guidelines to refresh or become familiar with them.
2nd Offense: The Chief will remind, demote you, place you on a 1 calendar month probation period, and warn you that the next time such behavior is exhibited, it will result in removal from kinship while you are in the probation period.
3rd Offense: Removal of individual from kinship.

Grounds for Immediate Removal So what will get you removed from the Kinship with no warning?

Some situations will be seen as too severe to employ the 3 step process. It is impossible to name all of the possible scenarios that will be considered grounds for immediate removal, but here is the subject to change list of behavior that will bypass the above 3-step procedure:
Swearing at public in open chat channels (ooc, lff, regional, advice, trade, etc.).
Incredibly offensive/disrespectful language in kin chat.
Anything judged as over the top that would offend mixed company.
Anything said in public chat channels that we do not wish to be associated with our     good name.
Improper use of kin donated items in kin chests (stealing to sell on auction house etc. Gold farming, supplying, buying of characters etc. for real-world currency.

Disputes and ArgumentsAre you having a dispute or argument?

1.) We are all human and we will, at some point, disagree with each other. All arguments should be handled discretely. This means no spamming kinship channels with insults, accusations etc. All arguments should be taken to private channels (tells or mail) as soon as possible.

2.) We utilize a chain of command. Under no circumstances will the Chief  or Voluntary Assistant Chiefs be disrespected, harassed or verbally abused as this is a direct violation of your subordinate rank. The Chief and Voluntary Assistant Chiefs work hard for the kinship and deserve respect.

3.) If a problem can not be resolved please bring it to the attention of the Chief (leader) or Voluntary Assistant Chiefs as soon as possible.

4.) Under no circumstances are arguments to be carried on using the Forums. This causes more problems between Members and makes the kinship look bad.

5.) The Chief and Voluntary Assistant Chiefs have the final word in any dispute between Members.